What is on the fantasy menu?

Sometimes you need to know what is served at the inn the characters are staying. Roll on the table below to find out. I have researched some medieval and renaissance foods and tried to break it up in a way that will work for different types of inns. No more flavorless stews!

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Glass Blade of the Ancients

As I read through some published modules and plan my new fantasy campaign I substitute every bland magic item and vanilla +# weapon with something more colorful.

This my reworking of a bland +1 short sword wielded by goblin leader in a module for character levels 1-3.

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Character Creation Monday #1: ICONS

ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying
Steve Kenson: ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying (2010)

ICONS is the second superhero roleplaying game from Mutants & Masterminds creator Steve Kenson. ICONS is loosely based on FATE and so is a rules light game. It differs from FATE in that it relies more on numbers and actually simplifies the concepts of descriptors and Aspects. Character creations is hugely different as well. ICONS uses randomized character creation and very little is actually controlled by the player. This character creation example will be using the original rulebook from 2010, but know that a updated edition called ICONS: The Assembled Edition was released in 2014. This new edition, as far as I understand it, corrects a few rules and includes some material from previously released supplements. I don’t know if character creation is the same process in the two editions, but the original rulebook is the one I have.

Character creation is a simple 7-step process. We will either roll 2d6 or 1d6 & 1d6 and looking up results on tables in the rulebook. I have no clear concept of what my superhero will be like. That would probably be moot anyway due to the random nature of the creation.

So, let’s see if we can get my superhero off the ground shall we?

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Review(ish) Session Report: Hero Kids – Escape from the Ghost Pirates

Lately I’ve been trying to get my closest family interested in role-playing games. Hitherto without any real significant success. During our last session of Hero Kids, however, something extraordinary happened. Continue reading “Review(ish) Session Report: Hero Kids – Escape from the Ghost Pirates”

The gods and religions of Qis

I just realized I have been posting and talking very specifically about the gods and unique worship in my work-in-progress homebrew setting for Dungeon Crawl Classics lately. I usually write all this stuff down in Norwegian first, and translate to English when I feel like it. So this text has been live on my Obsidian Portal-wiki for the campaign a while. It is pretty general stuff, but it feels important and right to have the basics in place before expanding the pantheon. Continue reading “The gods and religions of Qis”