A Doom A Dozen


Inspired by Jason Sholtis’ d12-tables on his blog The Dungeon Dozen I tried to cut my teeth on a d12-table on my own. Some of the results could be used for weird adventure ideas, or just for fun. I don’t care. I would be surprised if I got this right, but it was quite a bit of fun to make.

The adventuring party was doomed because…

Roll 1d12.

  1. The wrinkled Mar-Kraken woke from the ruckus of boarding the fey’s grey frigate on the Blasted Sea.
  2. They failed to pay proper respect to the Otherworldly Beings of the Tomorrow Barrow. Proper respect is always payed in praise of future actions, never past or present deeds.
  3. They found but didn’t drink the lilac wine from the Black Chalice of Anti-Doom. Duh! What a stupid thing not to do.
  4. They stole the One Dragon’s Emerald Egg to make a gigantic omelet that, when eaten, supposedly could lift the Ashen Cleric’s Withering Curse.
  5. They didn’t sacrifice the weakest party member at the Altar of Strength before entering the Caves of Puissance.
  6. You’re running an old module named Tomb of Horrors.
  7. They didn’t go full frontal when entering the Queendom of the Psychubis.
  8. The dwarf never washed.
  9. The Ape Scientists of Hadron turned on the Large Underdark Collider.
  10. They broke the Hourglass of Extended Time when fighting the Faint Alligators from a Future that Never Was.
  11. Of feats overkill.
  12. They rolled a d12.

Author: Gunnar

I'm a film buff that games, cooks and reads comics. I'm also passionate about photography and digital distribution. Yes, really. Posts can be bilingual. Sorry about that.

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